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Art class with teacher instructing a girl.


Youth Connections Unlimited was founded in 2006 with the mission to provide education and mentoring opportunities for at risk youth in Sacramento, California. In 2021, Youth Connections Unlimited, under new leadership refocused the organization to provide art education and art appreciation experiences for at risk youth. YCU is a 501c3.


Headshot of Jason Richardson, CEO

Jason Richardson

CEO/ Board Member

At the helm of Youth Connections Unlimited is Jason Richardson, a seasoned artist, and passionate educator with over three decades of experience in the art industry. Jason's journey from a young art enthusiast to a professional artist and now, the CEO of our Sacramento-based nonprofit, is a testament to his dedication to the arts and his commitment to youth arts education.

Born and raised in California, Jason's art is deeply influenced by the principles of modern art theory, particularly abstract expressionism and surrealism. His art is a vibrant tapestry of everyday objects and scenes, inspired by his experiences exploring the natural beauty of California and beyond.

Jason's academic journey is as diverse as his art. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of California, Davis. However, his passion for art led him to further his skills at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he earned his Master of Fine Arts degree. Here, he honed his distinctive painting styles, characterized by bold colors, rich textures, and a sense of movement that captivates the viewer.

Jason's love for nature is evident in his work. Instead of reproducing landscapes realistically, he deconstructs them into their base forms and color patches, creating a unique interpretation of the world around him. His art has been widely collected by individuals and businesses in the Sacramento area and featured in numerous exhibitions.

As a leader, Jason brings his intuitive approach to art to his role at Youth Connections Unlimited. Just as he allows colors and textures to guide his artwork, he allows the needs and potential of our youth to guide our programs and initiatives. His leadership style is characterized by constant evaluation and adaptation, ensuring that our organization continues to grow and evolve to best serve our community.

Jason's passion for art extends beyond creating his own pieces. He is a dedicated educator, teaching art classes and workshops in Sacramento. He enjoys working with students of all ages and skill levels, sharing his love of art, and inspiring the next generation of artists.

As the CEO of Youth Connections Unlimited, Jason's focus is on working with other artists and community leaders to provide enriching art educational experiences for children. His leadership, coupled with his artistic expertise, has been instrumental in shaping our organization and making a positive impact on the lives of countless youth.

In essence, Jason Richardson is more than just a master in the world of art. He is a leader, an educator, and a driving force behind our mission to empower youth through art education. 

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